Garvetur shows Marina Plaza office with new brand image

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The new corporate identity of Garvetur, the result of a process of rebranding carried out by the company as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations, led to the interior and exterior renovation of the office located in the Marina Plaza complex in Vilamoura.

Garvetur shows Marina Plaza office with new brand image

The new image uses blue and gold as a color combination and was created by ARTA, the communication agency that integrates the 41 associated companies of Enolagest, SGPS, of which Garvetur is the anchor company. The intention is "to assume not only a new image, but also a new commitment: to innovate, improve and provide customers with experiences and businesses that lead to their complete satisfaction," said Reinaldo Teixeira.
The CEO of Garvetur | Enolagest intends that "the Garvetur brand maintain the values ??of trust and transparency that have always guided us, but simultaneously accompany the evolution of the market, to differentiate."
The new corporate identity, officially launched at the 2018 Summer Gala, is currently being implemented in the network of existing offices in most of the Algarve and Lisbon cities, which extends to stationary level and communication materials, digital media and social networks.

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